EPUB3 is strong for making textbooks. It turns these books into lively and alive books with lots of teacher impacts.

Most traditional textbooks carry various tests at the end of each subject to assess learners’ level of grasp of knowledge.

Teachers and educators are also accustomed to creating exams and evaluating students’s progress.

KNiTO is able to ease some of the burdens of making and taking exams and grading. LRNiTO by Notion Wave is a full Exam Maker product. It has many niche and really useful features.

We are able to integrate LRNiTO with your KNiTO book.

So, an author or a publisher  builds a question bank. They will build exams based on subjects, level of difficulty and many other factors. The exams will be planted inside a KNiTO book.

A student who is studying the book, can simply click on the exam icon and autimatically be presented with LRNiTO exam taking part from within the book. Once the exam is finished, it  will be automatically graded and results are sent to the teacher.

What is even more interesting is our pre and post exam study guide. The book will guide the sutdent to review related subjects before an exam. This will be done by suggesting relates books sections or resources outside of the book. Once the exam is finished and marked, the book will offer further resources such as short courses, videos etc for the student to study, based on estudent’s performance.

It really is a magic!