It is quick and effective to ramp up your listing in KNiTO Store.

We do understand that building  a full ePUB3 book might take a little while, specially if this is your first one and you do not have a lot of interactive assets. Certainly after a while you will have lots of assets and things will happen much quicker.

So, we suggest that you start moving your new releases or best seller lists to KNiTO store in two stages:

1- First convert the book to ePUB3 and edit and adjust layout, book images, add equations, and maybe text to speech. This will help you launch your online book and readers can benefit from all major features of our ePUB3 Reader.

2- Then start building scenarios for adding interactive assets, assessments, interactive videos, and what is needed in order to make use of all ePUB3 features. You can even add Read Aloud.

So, do not wait. Just ramp it up!


From Zero to ePUB3!

Ramp up your listing by moving your books to the store and then add full ePUB3 features.

Even without full ePUB3 features, your books could be much much more attractive and useful than what they are now.

Readers can use our web reader or our native apps and read on all screen sizes easily.

ePUB3 books have many exciting features.

Some of them such as text to speech, annotations, reflowable layout, scientific equations, even simple quizzes and colourful tables are deployed faster.

Adding interactive elements will need design and development of scenario and assets.

We are also adding teacher designed assessments to our textbooks which make them suitable for self taught or student based education too.

Expert Content Developer

Head of Content Management, KNiTO