KNiTO is number one ePUB3 publishing platform which offers a complete set of components to write, publish, sell, and read books.  KNiTO let’s publishers create and distribute fully interactive books which are ideal for educational settings.  We have already added academic books from publishers such as OpenStax and Springer Open to our book store.

We are receiving lots of questions from independent authors about this platform. Questions such as:

How do I keep my titles align with standard ePUB book format, without wasting my time on complicated conversion process?

Our answer:

Join KNiTO and you do not need to have any coding knowledge to be able to produce your own ePUB books. In fact, we are not talking about the common ePUB2 format here. We are presenting you with a fully standard ePUB3 platform for maximize interactivity and accessibility of your books. You can start self-publishing your own ebooks on KNiTO without any training.


Now let’s guide you on how to self-publish your ePUB3 books on KNiTO.

If you only would like to create your books in ePUB3:

If you would like to publish it to KNiTO Store, there are other steps and work you need to follow. We have simplified the process so that you only concentrate on your content.

We have created a book called KNiTO Direct Publishing Manual to guide you through the process from registering as a publisher to entering banking and tax information etc. Then you will just need to follow the above steps to create your books then release them to publisher’s administration dashboard.

This is not the last step. It’s good to know that KNiTO has created powerful analytics tools for you to observe and follow your reader’s behaviors: if they have previewed, opened the books based on the time frames (daily, weekly, monthly), you have full control and clear overview on the sales report on the books on shelf, so you can adjust your publishing activities based on the statistics accordingly for the next season.

KNiTO’s goal is to erase the boundaries of traditional publishing to encourage the creation and distribution of the knowledge equally among online learning communities.

KNiTO platform is totally free to use. The platform receives a percentage (usually 30%) of books sales. This is quite similar to all global online book stores.

Join us today. Should you need any help in using our products, please contact us at: