Why ePUB 3 outperforms other formats in the world of ebooks and digital publishing?  Check the video below to see the seven benefits of ePUB3.

(This is a re-issue of a Blog which was initially posted on March 12, 2020). Here we have added our latest video

The Seven Benefits of ePUB3

  • Reflowable
    • People are used to reading on different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, these devices come in different sizes.
    • ePUB 3 lets us use reflowable layout. This is something like reading content on a responsive website.It automatically adjusts to screen size and gives a clear view of content, be it text, images, videos, or any other elements.
  • Interactive
    • ePUB 3 allows publishers to add various interactivities.
    • Modern online books should be made for generations who are using them to learn everything as part of lifelong learning. Interactive content ensures longer engagement and better learning experience.
    • ePUB 3 lets you add an ever increasing number of interactive assets such as: Audio and Video, Live links, Media overlay and Read-aloud, All sorts of Quizzes and Assessments, Extra learning material, Presentations and Games.
  • Global Language Support
    • ePUB 3 is created for all languages: left to right, right to left, and vertical.
  • Accessibility
    • ePUB 3 books are more accessible.
    • ePUB 3 enables people with special needs to use online books.It also enables those who due to old age or special situations , such as while driving, benefit from ePUB3 books.
  • Readership and Analytics
    • ePUB 3 books can trace a reader’s journey through a book, This is the foundation of data-smart publishing.
    • Publishers can use completion rate to see how many readers actually finish a book.
    • Satisfaction index helps you to see if readers are happy with their reading experience.
    • Word of mouth is a very important factor in increasing sales or adoption of a book.Use recommendation factor to find out if the readers are ready to spread the word about the book.
    • Velocity or speed of reading is also a good indicator for publishers to decide whether a book is a page turner or a door stopper!
    • Publishers can find out whether they should get behind a title by running test release and gathering readership data.
    • Educators can use readership data to provide student based teaching.
  • Social and Communication
    • Readers are used to social networking.ePUB 3 lets you add social and communication capabilities to books, ask questions, share a piece of content , highlight, add notes, share with others, and learn from others.
  • Reader
    • ePUB 3 books can be read on all devices, all standard browsers and all screen sizes.
    • All you need is an ePUB 3 reader. This can be a web reader so you can read your book on any personal computer or desktop or our native apps from Apple store or Google Play.
    • All your devices are synchronized. So you can leave one and pick from where you left off on another device.

Many publishers and writers have discovered the benefits of ePUB 3 and started publishing their content in such format.

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