It has been three weeks since the closure of schools  in most of Canada due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19.

What happens to the education of our kids?

This is now a common concern of both teachersand parents. Since keeping social distance and avoiding face-to- face interaction is extremely important to help flatten the curve,  the only option left for us is to switch to online learning quickly.

A key concern of teachers has always been the question of education equity, demographic inequality, infrastructure limitations, success rate of online courses, difference of progress of online learning of kids and adults, psychological impact of this on kids etc.

Outbreak of COVID-19 has changed everything. We are all facing unprecedented challenges.

Everyone is trying to adapt him/herself to this by staying at home and social distancing. So, e-learning has come back to the forefront in a urgent way. It needs to happen swiftly and efficiently.

In order to eliminate the inequality, the telecommunication companies play an important role here. Can they increase the bandwidth and provide unlimited internet access to educators and families? Can they provide the devices at a more affordable price or even free for school kids like  our counterparts in some countries? To increase the success rate of online teaching, can the giant textbook publishers and other content providers produce more interactive and engaging resources for teachers and students? Will the LMS providers make their systems more user friendly?

An education overhaul is unavoidable. Educators, school boards, many levels of governments, and parents have a more accute role in this.