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Perfect Multi Language authoring tool to create beautiful ePUB3 books with quizzes, audio, video, links, and interaction, Left to Right and Right to Left with formula support.


Enrich your text by adding all sorts of interactive elements and tasks including various types of quizzes, interactive videos, drag and drops, dialog cards, and more.


Read book, add notes, highlight, listen, watch on all your devices, always synchronized. Leave one and continue to read on another one. Web Reader and Native Apps.


LRNiTO is assessment maker which lets you create a question bank, build and take exam, and use the result to determine what a student needs to further focus on and learn.

KNiTO Authoring Studio

Import or type in your book directly in a Word like environment. Add audio, video, images, equations, link out, text to speech, assessments, quizzes, …

Work in an organized workflow. Make a book collaboratively. Create a complete book and publish fast.

Track changes and translate to multiple languages.

Powered by PUBNiTO Authoring Studio

KNiTO Interactive

Make Interactive Elements and Add to Your Book

Interactive Quizzes

Drag and Drop, Fill in Blanks, Multiple Choices, True/False and lots more

Interactive Images

Image Hotspots, Match the Pairs, Information Filled Images, and more


Add any narration or even Read-Aloud

Interactive Video

Videos that can stop, ask question and then continue,….

Powered by PUBNiTO Interactive

KNiTO Readers

ePUB3 Web Reader for All Industry Standard Browsers

Native Apps for iOS and Android Phones

All Screens


Buy Book


Online and Offline


Powered by PUBNiTO Reader

LRNiTO Assessment Maker

Powered by LRNiTO


Add LRNiTO. Your Authoring Studio will let you embed assessments into your books

Build Assessments

As an author or publisher of an educational book, you will be able to use LRNiTO to create and embed assessments at various points in your books. Students will be offered with reading resources before an exam and resources to study after an exam based on their performance. These resources could be your book sections, interactive resources or even outside links.

Assess and Report

Educators will use reports of assessments to evaluate their students and offer student-based learning plans. Your books can also be integrated with school’s LMS.

Survey Readership

Publishers can use assessmsnets to run pre or post publication surveys and adjust their publication plans based on reader feedbacks.

Question Bank

Multi Language, Curriculum Based, Tagged. Add your subject tree. Populate your question bank with your existing questions or get educators collaboration to build one.

Assessment Maker

Build an exam and embed in your book. Readers will be seamlessly using LRNiTO to take the exam. The exam maker offers pre and post exam study guides based on exam subject and student performance.

Decision Making

Assessment or survey results will be reported to those in charge for proper decision making. Teachers are able to offer student based learning programs.

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