We are proudly announcing that 50 college and high school textbooks of OpenStax are newly released to KNITO Store and free for access by everyone.

Notion Wave established the partnership with OpenStax-the Leading Open Access Educational Resources provider from Rice University and became the OpenStax Ally in February 2021. Notion Wave is committed to assisting OpenStax to convert the current textbooks to ePUB3 format in support of OER initiatives.

These textbooks cover subjects such as: Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, College Success for both college and high school students. They are all in ePUB3 format now, powered by the latest conversion technology of KNiTO, which means books are reflowable, easy to access from different type of devices, and have all the features of standard ePUB3.

Like accessing other eBooks, here are the steps of downloading ePUB3 books from KNiTO:

  • Step 1: Log in your account at KNiTO.com
  • Step 2: Browse and Search the books you would like to read
  • Step 3: Download it to your web Reader KNiTO.com or app Reader for Android / iOS devices (available at Google Play and Apple App Store)
  • Step 4: Start reading reflowable content, making highlights, annotations, adding tags, and customizing the settings to fit your personal reading habits.

Check this video on KNiTO Reader to learn more information.