Having your name on the book cover is far easier now than 20 years ago with the rise of self-publishing and increase in use of digital devices.

Many digital publishing platforms offer  writers the opportunity to get their books on their eBook store shelf, then the writers are sitting at home counting on the exposure of the books that the algorithm brings for them and see the sales number growing or declining.

We all know publishing a book is not the end of the journey and there is plenty of work to be done in order to gain popularity over the internet.

You can find some marketing tips below which can help numbers spiking after applying these techniques.

  • Like running a business, you need to have your own website, blogs and social media accounts as a first step.
  • Learn every technique of Search Engine Optimization /SEO to get the website ranking high on search engines, mostly google, which includes keyword research and optimization, arranging the headlines, paragraphs tactically, putting Alt tags for your images on the website… all to increase the discoverability of your personal website.
  • Update the content frequently , do not leave it after the website is completed. Write your blogs weekly or bi-weekly on the content of your book or your writing life. Make it relevant.
  • Build social media followers on your account. Identify your book’s target audiences, find out their interested topics, activities, movies, books, celebrities, events etc. through the Ad platform that the social media is offering by not actually running the ads. Then follow and join the discussion by # or @ , develop the posts daily according to the trend to attract the audiences. Interact with followers when they share or comment.
  • Generate as many external links as possible to increase the popularity of your website or blogs. Reach out to influential websites or bloggers inside the book industry and ask them to put a review or link to your content.

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