KNiTO is proudly announcing our partnership with Bentham Science.

In this partnership, Bentham Science will steadily bring their books to the KNiTO Store, a global ePUB3 only educational bookstore, that will reach a wider range of audiences and readers. The first batch of 36 titles has been uploaded to the shelf today, and more are coming soon.

Bentham Books is a comprehensive book publishing program of Bentham Science Publishers. Bentham Books publishes a diverse range of handbooks, monographs, reference books and textbooks for readers seeking knowledge in multidisciplinary domains, including science, technology, medicine, business, mathematics, and social science to name just a few. Bentham Books works closely with eminent researchers to facilitate peer review during the publication process with the goal of producing high quality reference works.

Both KNiTO and Bentham Books readers will benefit from the new ePUB3 format books. Readers will be able to easily make annotations, highlights, and tags for the content to enhance their learning and reading experiences.

Simply sign up at and start downloading Bentham Books today.